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The Mortal Instruments : City of heavenly fire part 2 stand or fall. page 75 : [1/6] - "Alec," he said "You know my dream. The one about the city made of blood, and blood in the streets, and towers of bone. If Sebastian gets what he want, that will be this world. The blood will be Nephilim blood. Go to Idris. You’re safer there, but don’t be trusting, and don’t let your guard down. I need you to live,” he breathed, and turned around, very abruptly, and walked away.

I need you to live

Alec sat down on the frozen stone bench and put his face in his hands.

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"What one word would you use to describe working with each other?" (X)

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Steven Moffat in his interview at Paris ComicCon

Interviewer: If you had a TARDIS, when and where would you go?
Moffat: Oh, I dunno. Everyone else in the world has a better answer than me right now. Never ask a happy man where he wants to go, i just don't really want to go anywhere.
Moffat: Maybe I would take some Sherlock DVDs back to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and see what he thinks.
Moffat: He'd probably punch me.
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New Scenes from the ‘Love Rosie’ tv spot [x]

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It hurts to love a fictional character so much

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"He’s…he’s having concentration problems," I answer. I don’t want to say he had a complete mental meltdown.

         ”Concentration problems, eh?” Beetee smiles grimly. “If you knew what Finnick’s been through the last few years, you’d know
         h o w  r e m a r k a b l e   i t   i s   h e ’ s   s t i l l   w i t h   u s   a t   a l l .

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me making friends

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Sterek AU: Derek and Stiles lose their memories and by trying to figure out who they are they just assume that they must be boyfriends.

Based on this lovely fic.

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